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Pre-construction Planning

The pre-construction or design phase is central to the success of the project. During this phase, Specialized Ideal  employs proven processes that we have developed over more than two decades of construction management work. Specialized Ideal  team members develop a thorough understanding of the project, outline a strategy, and assemble a strong team of trade contractors and suppliers. Before the project begins, we develop a thorough understanding of the owner’s business goals and align the project goals accordingly. Our pre-construction services are more thorough and formalized than traditionally found in the industry.

Construction & Internal Finishing 

Our Construction &  internal Finishing  division helps our customers to deal with one contractor to have his project done in proper and professional manner , where they can save time and cost of their projects , the power of having all divisions is to have an edge among our competitors and provide a turn key solutions to our enterprise customers .

At Specalized Ideal , interior work means much more than just designing and furnishing jobs. We take up more challenging tasks like joint-free tile laying, plain & grid false ceilings and partitions, office & workstation lighting and electrical installations, installation of HVAC & fire fighting devices and smoke detectors, voice & data cabling jobs ranging from PABX systems to Local Area Networks and Workstations, etc


Project management is one of our core services, helping to deliver our consulting, engineering excellence services to our customers.


We have been providing project management services for decades, providing construction management advice and support, health, safety, sustainability, environmental and quality (HSSEQ) direction and support, commissioning and start-up as part of our services. Our project management services span all our sectors including government services , power, health , telecom and oli & Gas 


Data Center Preparation

We are Data Center builders & ICT solution providers  using international standards and recommendations, our services include, consultancy, preparing an RFP and implementations.







  • CCTV & BMS



Electro Mechanical  Services

Electric power generation 

  • Diesel generating sets.

  • Indoor & outdoor switch gears & transformers


  • Fire fighitng Sytesm 

  • Lighting system

  • Power system

  • Low current systems

  • CCTV , IP CAMERA , Access Door Systems

  • Emergency lighting syste

Environmental Monitoring Solutions

Today Environment Monitoring became a crucial part of many indoor and outdoor places including Hospitals, Schools, Pharmaceutical plants, Warehouses, Refineries, Data Centers, and many others.  Stringent regulations drive many requirements, including highly available, accurate and repeatable acquisition of environmental parameters, alarm management, proper sensor calibration, archiving and reporting. Scalable solutions covering a room or multi-site facility. Ideal Arabia is   working with leaders in environmental  monitoring companies  providing solutions to meet the Industry’s demanding challenges. 




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Specialized Ideal  one of the leading contractors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia .Specialized Ideal is committed to providing  services and solutions that assist our enterprise customers in the design, implementation and support of their Electro mechanical , structured cabling, smart building , environmental solutions and internal contracting needs


Specialized Ideal  recognizes the valuable role that each and every employee plays in the overall accomplishments of the member companies. From senior management level to project workforce staff, the quality and caliber of employees is to an exemplary standard and their individual performance and workmanship only proves as evidence for the atmosphere of confidence and trust that exists within the organization. Specialized Ideal is committed to providing employees with opportunities for training and personal development to augment their existing skills and knowledge, while providing safe and healthy working environments.




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